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Standard Tooling Pins

Material Selected Alloy
Hardness 60+ Rc
Manufactured to Customer design length. Standard round and flatted round available, as well as custom designs.

"Non-Stick" Tooling Pins tooling pins

Fixture Engineering offers custom manufactured non-stick pins. This is a pin with a coating (80+ Rc) that resin does not adhere to. Pins require no cleaning or tumbling. Coated pins greatly reduce the time and effort required to remove them. Non-stick pins reduce pits and dents as resin debris is not carried back to the layup area.

Bushings round bushing slotted bushing

Material A-2
Hardness 56-58 Rc
Available in .080" or .125" shoulders
Customer specified hole or slot
Manufactured to tight tolerances to assure position accuracy.
Slots are EDM cut to ensure accuracy.

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